Cool Hemp Links (Worldwide)

Posted by Rocky The Grower on 14th Feb 2021

Cool Hemp Links (Worldwide)

This post is a work in progress. I will continue to keep linking up with the most interesting, ambitious and creative hemp related projects, events, job opportunities, companies and more from around the globe. Please check back in and surf the sites listed below. 

Hemp For Victory  Hemp For Victory is a social enterprise on a mission to help cultivate positive awareness about growing cannabis & hemp for food, fuel, fibre, clothing, medicine, freedom and prosperity in New Zealand and around the world.

Hemp Seed For Plant Based Nutrition  Hemp is one of the earliest known plants cultivated and one of the world’s most nutritious ingredients. It’s versatility means it can be added to a wide variety of recipes. Scroll to the bottom of linked page for vegan-friendly hemp recipes.

Global Hemp Portal to the hemp community.

Oregon CBD Seeds Cultivation guide & resources

Vote Hemp Vote Hemp is a Washington, DC based grassroots nonprofit organization working since 2000 to bring back hemp farming in the U.S. We are dedicated to a free market for hemp products and to changes in state and federal law to allow American farmers to grow the crop once again.

Cropwatch Hemp production for fiber or grain.