Covid - 19 / Coronavirus Update

Posted by Rocky on 26th Mar 2020

Covid - 19 / Coronavirus Update

We would first of all like to extend our greatest thanks to all of the frontline healthcare and essential workers who bravely continue to provide help for others and do what is needed to keep our country operating. Our deepest condolences go out to all of those families and individuals who's lives have been impacted by Covid-19. Our thoughts are with all of our fellow citizens on this planet during these trying times. 

We have been following this pandemic since it's initial outbreak in China. We regularly watch several news outlets from around the globe and we have taken extra precautionary steps since early February to protect the safety of our small family, our business and our valued customers.

Our farm is located in a very small community (less than 2,500 residents) and there have been zero confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported in our town. At our grow facility there are only three of us who work here. Early on we closed our farm to any and all visitors. We also started to use social distancing and limiting our contact with others near the beginning of the outbreak to ensure that we did not contract the virus or unknowingly spread it. We voluntarily removed our daughter from school a week prior to our state Governor's mandated closure. We have always handled our products with immaculate hygiene and care and we upped our game another notch since the spread began. We use masks, gloves, ample hand sanitizer and the regular washing of our hands to maintain a Covid - 19 free work environment.

Our sales have increased significantly since the virus hit the USA. We are trying our best to keep up with the demand for our products. We are putting in the extra time needed to get our shipments out and keep our production moving as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

This page will continue to be updated. Thank you for your orders, be well, stay safe and please stay home as directed by our nation's health experts.