Free Hemp CBD & CBG Seeds - Overgrow 2023!

Posted by Rocky The Grower on 11th Mar 2023

Free Hemp CBD & CBG Seeds - Overgrow 2023!

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Dr. Jane Goodall

* Purchase a pack of 10 CBD or CBG Seeds for $10 or better yet get them for FREE with any purchase from our store.

Spend at least $10 in our online store and we will automatically add a FREE pack of 10 Hemp CBD Seeds to your order. It doesn't get any easier to start growing than this.

For the 2023 grow season we have decided to once again give away FREE CBD & CBG Hemp Seeds to our valued customers who place an order between now and June 1, 2023 (limited quantities of each strain available - first come first serve).

The collective goal is to grow as many CBD & CBG hemp plants as possible across the USA during the 2023 gardening season. We want our customers to propagate the amazing hemp plant literally everywhere. Every backyard (and front yard) should have at least one hemp plant growing in it don't you agree?

Hemp plants sequester carbon, provide habitat for diverse species of insects and animals, remediate the soil, water, air and more. The benefits from planting hemp are numerous and the time to do it is now!

If you haven't grown before no worries! We will soon be adding additional blog posts which will cover the following "How To" topics:

  • How To Germinate Seeds
  • How To Propagate Plants
  • How To Get Free Nutrients & Apply Them
  • How To Harvest Your Plants (Dry, Cure, Trim & Store)

Together we can make a difference - Let's overgrow the planet in 2023!