Free Hemp CBD Seeds While Supplies Last

Posted by Rocky The Grower on 2nd May 2021

Free Hemp CBD Seeds While Supplies Last

We have a small quantity of hemp cbd seeds that we have made over the last couple of years. These are male and female. These are for home-growers only. We offer no guarantees or predictions of cannabinoid or terpene percentages / ratios. 

Every little bit counts - We need millions of acres of cannabis sativa L. plants growing on planet earth to regenerate our biosphere. 

  • The moment you germinate a cannabis seed it begins to sequester carbon 
  • Hemp provides habitat for a diverse array of species, has over 50,000 industrial applications providing humans with food, fuel, fiber, medicine, housing and much more
  • Cannabis originated 35 million years ago during the Eocene period

So we are trying to do what we can to help you, our valued customers, and the planet by offering four free seeds to plant and grow in your own backyard.

All you need to do to get your four free hemp cbd seeds is first place an order for any item on our website and then during checkout just leave a note that says "Four Free Hemp CBD Seeds Please" 

Growing Info and Tips will be updated here and in other posts in the near future.