THCO-A "Blueberry" Crumble , 1 Gram

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This concentrate tastes as good as it looks! Maybe even better!! Seriously, the Blueberry terps are just absolutely mouthwatering and that's before you even take a hit of vapor! Yes, this is the good stuff. 

Our THCO crumble is derived 100% from CBD hemp and Cannabis Derived Terpenes. It contains no residual solvents. We take purity very seriously since many patients and consumers depend on us for their supply and as well we ourselves use the products we make on a daily basis. Clean concentrates are the only kind of concentrates worth consuming. Rest assured that our concentrates pass all testing and are made using only the best quality materials.


A gram of our "Blueberry" Crumble contains 953.38 mg of total cannabinoids per gram. THCO content is 613.5 mg / gram and is known for its delayed but highly potent effects. Therefore it is best to start small and go slow with this stuff. After taking an initial dab of "Blueberry" Crumble one should wait (at least) 30 min to an hour before ingesting more. Trust us! The effects of our THCO concentrate tend to "creep" up on you so best to (once again) start small and go slow.

*For use by persons 21 years of age and older. Do not drive or operate machinery after using any THCO product(s).


You can consume crumble in a lot of different ways – feel free to experiment. Here are some of the basic methods:

  • Dab Rig is our preferred method for consuming crumble. A dab rig is similar to a bong but designed specifically for concentrate use. Simply place a small bit of crumble on the nail, heat it, and then inhale it through the rig.
  • Vape your crumble if you have a vape or a vape pen with concentrate chambers. Just put the crumble inside the chamber, heat it and inhale.
  • Joint is a great option because the crumbly texture is easy to burn when you sprinkle it on top of the flower and roll it inside of a joint.
  • Edibles are another option because the Crumble can easily be added or infused into any mixture such as brownie mix.



THCO-A:  61.35% / Gram

DELTA-8 THC:  3.25% / Gram

TOTAL CBD: 30.45% / Gram