CBD Hemp Deluxe Cones

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Premium H E M P B E S T handcrafted CBD hemp flower in a pre-rolled organic hemp paper cone for the win! 

All of the hemp flower contained in these cones has been meticulously slow-dried, glass jar cured, aged and then semi-coarsely ground for your smoking pleasure.

Each of our pre-rolled cones are guaranteed to be free from seeds and stems and perfectly packed with +/-0.8 grams of flower - no trim.  

These slow-burning 98 mm length papers are made from certified organic hemp fibers and feature an integrated deluxe 26mm filter for a cooling effect and smooth-smoking experience. The innovative s-shaped filter tip allows as much smoke to flow through as possible.

Every individual pre-rolled cone comes packaged in one of our hemp plastic eco-tubes which are child-proof, re-useable and bio-compostable.

  • Each pre-roll cone contains approximately 0.8 grams of flower 
  • Made with 100% certified bio-organic hemp paper (no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides)
  • Our pre-roll papers are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, chlorine free
  • Unique spiral wrapping design with a single dot of glue strategically positioned so it’ll never burn = healthier smoking
  • Best when inhaled while indoors or out of wind in a dry, sheltered and well ventilated area
  • Dry-hit the cone prior to lighting to taste the amazing terps!

We offer 5 different strains to choose from or order 1 of each for starters:

"Elektra" Each Pre Roll contains approximately 23 mg Terpenes / 94 mg CBD 

"Hawaiian Haze"

"Lifter"  Each Pre Roll contains approximately 20 mg Terpenes / 119 mg CBD 

"Pine Berry" Each Pre Roll contains approximately 14 mg Terpenes / 88 mg CBD

"Sour Space Candy"  Each Pre Roll contains approx 30 mg Terpenes / 112 CBD

Sampler Pack   Order 1 of each strain for 10% off