Delta-8 THC "Shatter" With Terpenes

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Our D8 Shatter is the bomb!  We take our pure and potent lab grade Shatter and infuse it with tasty (cannabis derived) terpene profiles. This is a winning combination that will surely please. 

While our "Shatter" is primarily meant for vaporization use with your glass dab rig and nail it can also be used with most stationary and/or mobile vaporizers such as Storz & Bickel etc. You can also simply place some on top of your flower in a water or dry pipe or even slather some onto your pre-roll or joint. Some customers infuse our shatter into their food/drink.

*In order for this concentrate to be in "Shatter" /  "Snap n Pull" form it is suggested that you place in freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to use (we like to store ours in the freezer between use). Freezing is not required - when at room temp this product will have more like a "sap" consistency. Either way is fine for use and potency, taste, etc is the same.


◼︎ d8THC 93.14%

◼︎ d9THC <LOQ



HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" COA

HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" COA Lab Results


HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" Pesticide Analysis

HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" Residual Solvents

HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" Quality Control Potency

HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" QC Pesticide

HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter"

HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" Solvent Analysis

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HEMPBEST "Delta 8 Shatter" Notes & Definitions