Delta-8 THC "Biscotti" Crumble, 1 Gram

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Our D8 Crumble has a dry, wax like consistency and is a potent, tasty treat for those who like to dab/vaporize their D8. This batch of "Biscotti" Crumble has been infused with all-natural Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT).

We make our crumble by utilizing low heat over a long period of time in a vacuum oven. We then whip it up, under slight heat, before placing it back in the vacuum oven to encourage it to become a crumble, rather than a shatter.

D8 Crumble is very popular and often used for pain relief, anxiety, depression, as well as stress relief.

We can only ship to states where Delta-8 is legal. Please check your local laws for further details.


You can consume crumble in a lot of different ways – feel free to experiment. Here are some of the basic methods:

  • Dab Rig is our preferred method for consuming crumble. A dab rig is similar to a bong but designed specifically for concentrate use. Simply place a small bit of crumble on the nail, heat it, and then inhale it through the rig.
  • Vape your crumble if you have a vape or a vape pen with concentrate chambers. Just put the crumble inside the chamber, heat it and inhale.
  • Joint is a great option because the crumbly texture is easy to burn when you sprinkle it on top of the flower and roll it inside of a joint.
  • Edibles are another option because the Crumble can easily be added or infused into any mixture such as brownie mix.


◼︎ Total Cannabinoids: 95.85%

◼︎ Total CBD: 24.20%

◼︎ Delta-8 THC: 70.84%

◼︎ CBT: 0.49%

◼︎ Delta-8 THCV: 0.324%

◼︎ d9THC: <LOQ