We produce true small batch craft cannabis that has been cultivated with care and 25+ years of cannabis growing experience.

We grow all of our indoor hemp plants in NoTill organic soil that is teeming with life. We do not use any harsh insecticides, fungicides or nutrients - ever.

Our indoor flower is created for discerning customers who expect more. 

We off-set our indoor grow site's carbon footprint by also growing sun-grown hemp plants (in hugelkultur type garden beds) on the same site. Every spring we plant 400 - 500 full-term outdoor hemp plants. It is widely agreed that hemp sequesters about 9 tons of carbon greenhouse gas per acre grown.

Other additional steps we take to off-set our power usage include a composting toilet which saves about 10,000 gallons of freshwater each year. About 1/2 of our lighting is currently LED and we are converting the rest over as funds allow. At HEMPBEST Farm we compost vegetable waste from our own kitchen (and that of a local vegan restaurant) which saves landfill space and makes some awesome soil. Also we carpool nearly everyday in another effort to conserve and offset our power usage. 

<0.3% △9THC