Free "Cherry Berry" Pre-Roll w/ $50 Purchase


This is a special treat reserved only for those customers who spend at least $50 on their order.  Our "Cherry Berry" CBD Hemp Deluxe Pre Roll is created by  blending two certified cbd hemp strains together in one of our organic 98 mm hemp cones for an unbeatable and enjoyable smoking experience. The strains that we use for this proprietary blend are the famous "Cherry Wine" along with the rare and hard to find "Pine Berry." While "Cherry Wine" is known for its sweet cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper the "Pine Berry" is a beneficial hemp strain with quality medicinal benefits offering a flavor that is heavy on the pine and floral accents.

What makes these pre roll's "deluxe" you ask?  The paper that our cones are made with are produced in such a way that only a tiny spot of (plant-based) glue is used and the 26 mm filter tip is extra long for a cooler and smoother smoke.



Certified organic hemp paper is the best paper in today's market for safe and smooth smoking.