Free "Sour Space Candy" Hemp CBD Blunt w/ $50+ Purchase


This is a special treat reserved only for those customers who spend at least $50 on their order.  Our "Sour Space Candy" CBD Hemp Deluxe Pre Roll is created by first carefully hand-grinding and de-stemming our full term, sun-grown SSC flower and then hand-packing it into each and every all-natural palm wrap for an unbeatable and enjoyable smoking experience. 

What makes these pre rolled blunt wraps so good? 

✔︎ Slow burning
✔︎ No additives
✔︎ Free of tobacco
✔︎ Zero glue
✔︎ Corn husk filter
✔︎ Cured, seedless hemp flower
✔︎ Sustainably packaged using 100% bio-compostable materials