Hemp Plastic "Eco-Tube" (holds blunts, pre-rolls, cartridges)

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Store your H E M P B E S T cones, blunt or cart with this sustainable and secure tube made in USA from 100% industrial hemp. Our industrial hemp storage tube is a versatile child - resistant tube that is ideal for securely carrying a pre - roll, up to two vaporizer cartridges or some vaporizer pens. 

The hemp plastic we use for this packaging is 100% plant-based and chemical free and it is ASTM child-resistant certified.

These tubes make a great gift and are perfect for storing different strains of pre-rolls, blunts and vape carts especially while traveling, at concerts and most any adventure.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond simply offering ecologically conscious products. We envision a world where our bodies, natural environment and oceans are not polluted with toxic waste. We believe packaging should be regenerative and help heal the environment throughout its lifecycle. 

Why Hemp?:

  • Hemp is both sustainable and regenerative
  • Hemp requires less water than other industrial crops and none of the pesticides
  • One metric ton of hemp sequesters 1.5 metric tons of carbon
  • Hemp is an ideal rotational crop and remediates the soil it is grown in
  • #hempphytoremediation

With its rapid growth cycle, hardiness and versatility hemp provides maximum benefit with minimal impact on the environment. 

About 50% of the plastics we humans create are for disposable products, for instance packaging. Packaging also accounts for 30% of our municipal solid waste and typically becomes trash within a single year of production.

Packaging should be regenerative and help to heal the environment throughout its lifecycle. Hemp is a crop that can truly be just that.

* H E M P B E S T "Eco-Tube" fits up to a king size pre-roll, two vaporizer cartridges or a ten centimeter vaporizer pen.