From zero-VOC paint on the walls and top quality air filtration systems to hand-mixed organic NoTill soils our indoor production rooms are purpose built from the ground up. We use efficient methods and systems to conserve resources while cultivating the very best quality hemp available anywhere in the world. This is true small batch craft cannabis cultivated with care and over two decades of experience for discerning customers who expect more. 

We offset our indoor grow's carbon footprint by also growing sun-grown hemp plants (in hugelkultur type garden beds) per outdoor season (June 1 - Oct 1) at the same 1/3 acre site. It is widely agreed that hemp sequesters 9 tons of hemp per acre. Our facility utilizes a composting toilet which saves about 10,000 gallons of freshwater each year. About 1/2 of our lighting is currently LED and we are converting the rest over as funds allow. At HEMPBEST we compost all of our vegetable waste on site and that of a popular plant based restaurant as well. We carpool nearly everyday and will soon drive only electric vehicles.

All of the legal hemp products sold on this site are third-party lab tested and contain <0.3% D9THC or less.