Coast Grown Select "Sour Space Candy" CBD Hemp Flower

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Strain: Sour Space Candy
Lineage: Sour Tsunami x ERB
Breeder: Oregon CBD
Cultivation: Coast Grown / Full Sun
Harvest: October 2021
Cured/Aged: 150 days
This seed-less Coast Grown Select "Sour Space Candy" is CBD Hemp flower from our 2021 fall harvest. This small batch of terpene heavy flower that we currently have to offer you is LOUD! Open up your bag and the room will fill with the sweet, sour aroma of full-sun, full-term Coast Grown  "Sour Space Candy" flower. Rest assured that this batch of organic flower has been slow-dried and expertly cured for a smooth, unique herbal experience.


✔︎ Single-Sourced direct from our own micro-farm on the Oregon Coast
✔︎ Grown in No-Till Living Soil
✔︎ Harvested at peak potency
✔︎ Slow-dried
✔︎ Hand-trimmed
✔︎ Expertly cured & aged
✔︎ Lab tested
✔︎ Sustainably packaged
✔︎ Shipped discreetly


The best cannabis starts with the best genetics and all seed is not created equal. It is undisputed within our industry that the in-house R&D program at Oregon CBD Seeds is delivering the most unique and useful 100% type III and IV hemp qualified varieties in the world.

Lineage of Sour Space Candy is Sour Tsunami x ERB.

Oregon CBD Seeds expansive facility is in the Willamette Valley located just 60 miles up and over the Coast Range from our farm. Jyl (co-owner of H E M P B E S T) met Seth (co-owner of Oregon CBD) back in 2014 when they were both attending Oregon State University in pursuit of their advanced degrees.

H E M P B E ST flowers are proudly 100% Made In Oregon.


These incredible flowers were grown out by us under the sun at our regenerative micro-farm near the Oregon Coast. Our temperate coastal region is unique and so are the flowers we produce as a result. The air is smoke and dust free, the days never get too hot and the cool nights aid the plants in developing their dense structure and colorful hues.

On our regenerative micro-farm we grow both indoors and out. We grow all of our plants in No-Till Living Soil. All of our flower is grown without the use of any toxic pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our commitment to best practices allows us to produce the highest quality hemp in a sustainable manner while restoring habitat for species, supporting the soil food web and providing bioremediation of atmospheric CO2. 

Our sun-grown garden beds feature extra touches like made on-site vegetable compost, polyculture plantings and No-Till methods. 


H E M P B E S T  lead grower "Rocky" started his passion for cannabis cultivation way back in 1993. By chance he met and started learning the craft from true OG growers who moved from Northern California in the early 80's to a picturesque town located near the Canadian border which was home for many years. During this time Rocky risked mandatory minimum jail sentences to hone his sun-grown skills deep in the mountains all while carrying water and staying concealed from helicopter surveillance. In 2010 he and Jyl moved to Oregon becoming licensed indoor medical growers which eventually led to hemp cultivation.

Rest assured that when you order from us you are receiving hemp flower grown with much experience, dedication, love and of course hardwork.


When we speak of processing what we are referring to is the post-harvest activities which include: the curing, aging, trimming and packaging of our produce.

Any knowlegeable grower knows that what happens after the plants are cut down is equally as important as any other step during cultivation. You can be confident that our extensive experience informs us as we participate in these activities.

Our flower is slow-dried at specific temperature and relative humidity to retain freshness as well as all the beneficial compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids the plant contains.

During curing we use oxidization and our own senses of smell, sight and touch to ensure that the buds release unwanted chlorophyll and xanthophyll yet retain proper moisture levels. After the curing is complete we seal our flowers safely away from oxygen allowing all the flavor and smoothness to come together for a unique user experience.

All of our trimming is done by hand. Many farms these days in fact use machines to do the majority of trim work on their flowers. Caveat Emptor! - machine trimming beats flower up resulting in loss of valuable trichomes while opening chlorophyll veins. We believe in people, not machines, and their artistic ability to craft top-shelf nugs for the end-user to experience and enjoy.

Lastly, all of our produce is hand selected and then final inspected before it goes into sustainable and/or recyclable recyclable packaging. Our packaging is 100% free of toxic plasticizers, BPA and other harmful substances which can leach into hemp flowers. 


◼︎ Total Cannabinoids 19.34%

◼︎ Total Terpenes 1.187%

◼︎ Moisture Analysis 10.02%

◼︎ Total CBD 15.99% (Calculated Decarboxylated Potential) 

◼︎ Δ9-THC  0.21%

Coast Grown "Sour Space Candy" has the highest concentration of the following terpene(s)

#1 Myrcene | 0.419% A pleasant aroma. Myrcene is found in mangoes, hops, bay laurel leaves, thyme, lemongrass and basil.

#2 Alpha-Pinene | 0.181% is characterized for having a coniferous tree aroma, notably pine. Also found in essential oil of rosemary.

#3 Farnesene | 0.110% A woody, green vegetative aroma with a lavender background.

Sour Space Candy is well endowed with both cannabinoid and terpene potency. 

All of the strains we grow are 3rd party lab tested. Pre-harvest testing for our farm samples ensure that they all fall below the legal THC threshold according to federal and state guidelines.

Our stated intention is to grow real medicine which is pure, potent and of the highest possible quality.


















  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Pouch on 2nd Mar 2021

    Pure bliss and ignorance don't coexist around here - Bought 2oz 4 99 bucks! Free shipping! A complementary Pre-roll! PREMIUM QUALITY stuff here guys - Beyond Reputable ! ! ! Thanx so much - they do a superb product done the right way

  • 5
    2020 standout!

    Posted by Elijah on 31st Jan 2021

    Last year it was the Suver for me but I think as far as the 2020 crop goes this is my favorite! It all has great bag appeal/smells great but I think this is the most potent and definitely the most loud. When I screw around and combust in the lotus it really stinks up the whole building. My neighbors love it!!

  • 5
    CS SSC

    Posted by Hemp Adventures on 11th Dec 2020

    You gonna need 2 pairs of socks for this one because the first pair getting knocked off! POTENT

  • 5
    Best SSC I've tried yet!

    Posted by CC23 on 27th Nov 2020

    SSC is my favorite strain of hemp flower. I heard good things about Hempbest so I decided to try out their outdoor SSC. I was blown away. This is the best smelling strain. I'm a sucker for the fruity scents and flavors. This SSC smells like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles which is also my favorite cereal. Effects are exactly what I like about a good SSC. Nice balance of relaxation and uplifting at the same time. 10/10

  • 5

    Posted by Tor on 30th Sep 2020

    Very good high quality only thing is the color is off due to the reasons listed by the company best hemp Flower I’ve had in my 7months journey I can imagine if I had caught it a year ago or some months back lol still very good to ticket