Total Spectrum Hemp Oil (Solventless)

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Our Total Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil (TSHO) contains at least 8 major cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBGa, CBC and <0.3% △9THC. In addition, this batch of TSHO also contains the beneficial terpenes Bisabolol, Caryophyllene and Farnesene. 

When these naturally occurring compounds are present together it creates what is known as the "entourage effect." This effect allows for the most effective delivery of those compounds to the our bodies cannabinoid receptors (Endogenous Cannabinoid System). 


The CBD oil that we blend into our formulation has been extracted without the use of any solvent (such as C02, Butane, Propane, Alcohol, etc). We use a combination of heat and pressure to literally press or squeeze the oil out of our naturally grown hemp flowers. This extraction process is done 100% in-house. 


"Single Source" means that each and every drop of this oil we produce comes 100% from the hemp flower that we grow and process right here on our own farm and with our own hands. This term (Single Source) is an important one to know if you are seeking the highest quality CBD oil you can purchase on the market today.

While other brands source their raw materials (which may include flower, trim or biomass) from various and multiple farms we use only the flower that we grew ourselves from our very own farm.

After we have harvested our flower at peak potency from our small field we carefully de-leaf, dry and cure the flower in a ultra-clean and climate controlled, air-filtered, dust free facility. Lastly, we extract the flowers, homogenize the formulation, bottle and ship your oil.


Made without chemicals, filler oils or additives, the Organic MCT Oil we use as a carrier oil is a premium source of energy-boosting MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides. Unlike other brands, the Organic MCT Oil we use is derived from only 100% organic coconuts and features a neutral flavor, with no harsh aftertaste - a perfect compliment to our single source CBD Hemp extract.


Sublingual application is fast and effective. Simply place the drops under your tongue and allow the oil to absorb by waiting a few moments.

Blend into smoothies, coffee, tea or virtually any drink you can imagine.

Additional instructions and tips for use are included with your purchase.


✔︎ Full Activated (Decarboxylated)
✔︎ Solventless Extraction
✔︎ Flower Rosin + USDA Certified Organic MCT carrier oil
✔︎ Vegan
✔︎ Non-GMO Certified
✔︎ Zero-grams Net Carbs
✔︎ Keto Certified
✔︎ Handcrafted in small batches
✔︎ Guaranteed freshness

Solventless CBD hemp flower rosin, certified organic MCT oil, 100% natural flavoring.


  • Store in a refrigerator or cool, dry place and keep out of direct sunlight
  • Keeps up to two years in refrigerator or up to nine months at room temp
  • Shake well before each use 
  • Try not to touch dropper to mouth during use (allows oil to stay fresh for longer period of time)
  • Additional instructions & usage tips included with product


HEMPBEST TSHO is pure, potent and of the highest possible quality. TSHO is always guaranteed to be free from moisture and pesticides.

This formulation is made with our lab tested solventless flower rosin. The flower rosin has been extracted by us from the "Lifter" CBD and "The White" CBG hemp flower grown at our farm near the Oregon coast. We blend it with certified organic MCT oil to achieve the desired cannabinoid target potency level.


HEMPBEST "Total Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil" COA

HEMPBEST "Total Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil" Terpene Analysis

HEMPBEST "Total Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil" Quality Control Data



  • 5
    TS & FS Hemp Oil

    Posted by Linda Hall on 10th Oct 2021

    I have used a few different tinctures and capsules (and flavors) in the 2 yrs. I have used HB products. They all help with anxiety and stress. I take 30-60mg. daily as I consider it more like a multiple vitamin! I think my body needs the daily dose and this works for me.

  • 5
    Potent & Effective!

    Posted by Ty on 21st Sep 2021

    Hempbest Total Spectrum CBD oil has been a wonderful addition to my personal health & wellness. The benefits to my overall health are holistic, and I have confidence that Hempbest only uses the finest & purest plant based ingredients. Taken daily, this oil is sure to improve your overall physical and mental wellness. Highly recommended product!

  • 5
    Great taste + helps sleep!

    Posted by Fallon R on 3rd Jan 2021

    I've tried so many CBD oils before, and this by far has the best taste. Also a high concentration so I know I'm getting a dose that'll actually help me. I love taking this before bed for sleep and pain!