We began as guerilla growers in the Northern mountains. Tobias also known as "Rocky The Grower" planted his first seeds in 1993, and Jyl, a Kootenai tribal member, joined him in 2001. In 2005 we were married. Together we moved to Oregon in 2010 and began cultivating licensed medicinal cannabis for patients and ourselves. The needs of the medical marijuana community deepened our commitment to producing the finest flowers in the most natural way possible. Growing hemp is the culmination of years of our dedication to the plant and to producing best quality, consistent products.

Our No-Till organic hemp farm is located on the Oregon coast. Our Native American owned and family run business understands the unique needs of our customers and the power of the hemp plant. Our handcrafted flower is harvested at the peak of maturity using non-mechanized, regenerative agricultural practices. Our full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp oil retains all of the cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids found in the hemp plant.

We grow both indoors and out. Our indoor rooms are efficient and constructed with great care. Our sealed production rooms feature zero VOC paint made by SAFECOAT, extensive air filtration, Blumat watering systems and fabric pots filled with living NoTill soil.  Our outdoor farm is on the same property. We use our own made on-site veggie compost, natural mulch, polyculture planting along with our NoTill living soil beds to create happy, healthy hemp plants.

All of our products are enclosed in reusable, compostable plant-based packaging exemplifying our ongoing dedication and commitment to restoring and revitalizing the land by moving beyond plastics and reducing our dependency upon fossil fuels.