Our micro farm is located on a sunny, breezy plateau just above the North Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast. Our Native American woman-owned business is family operated. Our handcrafted flower is harvested at the peak of maturity using non-mechanized, regenerative agricultural practices. Our cannabinoid-rich hemp oil products retain all of the compounds found naturally in the cannabis plant.



We began as guerilla-growers in the mountains of the Inland Northwest. Tobias also known as "Rocky The Grower" planted his first seeds in 1993, and Jyl, a Kootenai tribal member, joined him in 2001. In 2005 we were married. Together we moved to Oregon in 2010 and began cultivating licensed medicinal marijuana for patients and ourselves. The needs of the medical marijuana community deepened our commitment to producing the finest flowers and concentrates in the most natural way possible.

 We planted the clone-only "Maui Bubble Gift" strain as our first high CBD crop back in 2012 and began extracting it shortly thereafter to satisfy our patient's needs for pure, potent CBD rich oils, tinctures, edibles and more.  After 8 years as licensed Medical Marijuana growers we obtained our first official license to grow “hemp” from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture in 2018. We launched this website the day after the 2018 Farm Bill (which legalized industrial hemp) was signed into law. HEMPBEST is the culmination of years of our dedication to the plant and to producing the best quality products.

We grow both indoors and out. Our indoor rooms are efficient and constructed with great care. Our well-insulated, sealed production rooms feature zero VOC paint made by SAFECOAT, extensive air filtration and circulation, Blumat watering systems and fabric pots filled with our own No-Till living soil.  Our outdoor farm is on the same property. We use our own made on-site veggie compost, natural mulches, polyculture planting along with our No-Till living soil beds to create happy, healthy hemp plants and flowers.



In 2012 we began our own experimentation with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). At that time “Rocky The Grower” was a vendor at the OMMP Farmer's Markets that regularly occurred in Eugene and Portland. He was in contact with many seriously ill and marginalized patients. There was a growing need for sublingual oils and Rocky knew that better quality concentrates were not only attainable but required. Through networking, research and a bit of luck Rocky began learning more and began producing cannabis extracts with members of the Skunk Pharm research team. In those days, before regulation, we  were mainly extracting with closed-loop BHO machines. With our lab-tested extracts we would formulate our oils and other products. During our medical days we supplied tens of thousands of grams of various oils and extracts to patients and dispensaries all over the state of Oregon.

For most of our extractions we now use a solvent-less method which utilizes heat, pressure and time to produce what is known as "flower rosin." This is how we create our pure and potent concentrates. Our process is very efficient and creates little waste. The end products are of the highest quality and are completely solvent-free. We also partner with select labs who use advanced methods to turn our Oregon grown flower into lab-tested distillate, crumble and shatter and other forms of concentrates and extracts that meet our specifications.



Innovation Sustainability Community

Nearly all of our products are packaged in reusable, recycled and/or bio-compostable plant-based packaging exemplifying our ongoing dedication and commitment to restoring and revitalizing the land by moving beyond plastics and reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels. Since 1998 we ourselves have owned and maintained a private 25 acre parcel of mature, carbon sequestering forest of a wide ranging species of trees. This forest is home to many animals such as moose, bear, dear, wild turkey, woodpeckers and it provides habitat for fish, insects and more - it's a living forest! As well, each summer our outdoor No-Till coastal cannabis farm permanently sequesters additional carbon. These two ongoing projects offset most or all of the C02 greenhouses gasses we produce from our business and lifestyle. Additionally, at our farm we are working to “close the loop” and produce as many of our own nutrients for our plants as possible on site from biodynamic plants that we also grow (plants feeding plants). We compost veggies, cannabis stalks and leaves throughout the year and then spread the compost on our outdoor garden beds in summer. We are very conserving in both our electricity and water-use. And we use zero fossil fuels in the actual farm production of cannabis plants. All of the work we have done over the years on our outdoor garden / insect sanctuary has been done by hand or with electric tools. 

At our farm we also grow and sell bamboo... One hectare of bamboo forest may sequester 12 metric tons of carbon annually — equal to 26,000 pounds! 

We also offer farm / educational tours every year in August and September when the weather is perfect and out plants are peaking. Contact Us for more info.


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Jyl smiling with harvested hemp CBD plant in the HEMPBEST field

 JYL - Owner, Grower



Tobias aka Rocky The Grower - Owner

email: rocky@hemp-best.com 



Hailey - Farmhand, Photography



 Benny The Farm Dawg - Bichon Frise', Devoted Companion


 Hardworking Harvesters



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