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We harvest our hemp flowers at peak floral potency. Then we let them slow-dry for maximum retention of terpenoids and cannabinoids. Our flower is glass jar cured for smoothness, consistency, flavor. Our goal is to meet the highest standards for quality, purity, strength, identity and composition for botanical raw materials and extracts.


Welcome to the H E M P B E S T Farm located on the central Oregon Coast. We use pure water, botanical tonics and two decades of cannabis cultivation experience to grow our hemp plants to their full potential. From start to finish, we handcraft small batches of the best quality and sustainably produced hemp products available. High Terpene / High CBD / ≤0.3% delta 9 THC

The Very Best Genetics

It all starts with a seed. To obtain our genetics we work directly with the best hemp seed breeder in the world - Oregon CBD. All of the Oregon CBD seed varieties we grow are true F1 varieties which offer the most vigor, consistency and quality.

44° N 124° W 190 ft elevation 152° SE

Our farm is located where the mountains meet the sea at the base of the Oregon Coast Range and sits less than a mile from the frigid waters of the North Pacific. This unique temperate coastal location provides a sufficiently long growing season with typically cool nights and sunny, breezy days and periods of light rain blowing through. The hemp plants love these conditions and as a result they express their unique genetic traits as the most beautiful colors and aromas we have ever found. Our indoor production rooms are ultra-clean, efficient and built to the highest standards.


We commit to engage in practices that (i) contribute to generating/building soils and soil fertility and health; (ii) increase water percolation, water retention, and clean and safe water runoff; (iii) increase biodiversity and ecosystem health and resiliency; and (iv) invert the carbon emissions of our current agriculture to one of remarkably significant carbon sequestration thereby cleansing the atmosphere of legacy levels of CO2.

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