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From time to time we get away from the farm and do an interview or speak at an event and sometimes we even get featured in a magazine article and some other stuff. 

The Sound 

HEMPBEST owner / grower Jyl Wheaton-Abraham stars in "The Sound" in her acting debut (Jyl appears at 0:22 into the clip). 

Presented by Children Of The Setting Sun Productions and written by Noelani Auguston "The Sound" is a coming-of-age TV drama that follows a group of Indigenous Coast Salish teens as they travel through their ancestral waterways in a traditional canoe. Their journey starts as an escape from hurt and trauma, but soon becomes a purposeful route to transformation and self-discovery.

Starring Stormee Kipp (Prey, Sooyii), Ta’Kaiya Blaney (Kayak to Klemtu, Monkey Beach) Paul Nutarariaq (The Grizzlies) and new to the screen Jyl Wheaton-Abraham. The Sound harnesses the momentum created by recent successes in Native American film and television, this time bringing Coast Salish cultures to the forefront.

The Sound’s pilot episode is complete and is now seeking partnerships to complete a 10-episode series for distribution via a major streaming platform.

"Know where you are coming from to know where you are going."

"Oh You're Native? What Tribe Are You From?"

Published Article In "The Reader" By Guest Writer Jyl Wheaton-Abraham November 8, 2023

"Remembering, rewriting and reconnecting"

Published Article In "The Reader" By Guest Writer Jyl Wheaton-Abraham October 19, 2023

Episode 134: Cannabis and Liberation

 Podcast with Host: Derek (PlantsFanon) Guest: Jyl Wheaton-Abraham. In this episode, Derek speaks to Jyl about cannabis production, harvest, medicine, & culture.

Indigenous Two-Spirit and Female Cannabis Activists To Follow in 2023 

HB owner/grower Jyl Wheaton Abraham selected as one of ten by Leafwell 

Protecting Mother Earth: Sustainability and Indigenous Cannabis 

HB owner/grower Jyl Wheaton speaking on a panel during the inaugural Indigenous Cannabis Policy Summit in Washington, DC on 11/15/2022

 Senate Committee On Indian Affairs Hosts Historic Listening Session For Indigenous Leaders: "Cannabis In Indian Country"

HB owner/grower Jyl Wheaton testifies on "Barriers To Entry And Banking Needs" during the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs first-ever listening session on Indigenous communities and the cannabis industry, hosting over 100 tribal leaders on 6/22/2022.

 Jyl Wheaton Owner of HEMPBEST On Cannabis Conversations with KC  

HB owner/grower Jyl Wheaton interviewed by the Down The Road Show of Las Vegas on 10/27/2021

 "Grow Big or Grow Home"

 Hemp Gains Ground Among Farmers  

HB owner/grower Toby Feuling interviewed by The Capital Press of Boise, Idaho on 4/4/2019

Jyl Wheaton-Abraham: Water Protector Efforts Are Not In Vain

Jyl M. Wheaton-Abraham, a former council member for the Kootenai Tribe, explains how the #NoDAPL movement is about decolonizing the federal-tribal relationship. 10/28/2016

Decolonization and Life History Research: The Life of a Native Woman

Jyl M. Wheaton-Abraham of the Ktunaxa Tribe focuses on stories told to the author by her mother, this life history work counters critiques that qualitative life history research is weak on method and theory by taking a decolonizing approach.

 Nobodyz Trash - Indigenous Marine Debris Network   

This policy brief explores the use and expands the conversation on the ability of geospatial technologies to represent Indigenous cultural knowledge. Jyl Wheaton-Abraham is one of the authors. 10/26/2011