​Cannabis vs Climate Change by Paul von Hartmann

Posted by Rocky on 11th Oct 2020

​Cannabis vs Climate Change by Paul von Hartmann

Cannabis is essential, not "illegal."

Cannabis agriculture manufacture and trade are immediately urgently, globally necessary to mankind's future existence on this planet. Exceptional characteristics of Cannabis aerosol mono-terpenes make "hemp" a uniquely "strategic resource" for mitigating increasing solar UV-B radiation; sequestering atmospheric carbon; producing oxygen and purifying the Earth's hydrologic cycle.

Cannabis is mankind's most ancient cultivated herb, mankind's functional interface with the Earth's Natural Order. Time is the limiting-factor in the equation of survival. There is no money on a burned-out planet. Our generation will be remembered & judged for what we do now.

Prohibition of the world's most completely nutritious, globally distributed, potentially abundant, agronomically and industrially useful, safely effective herbal therapeutic crop, has been imposed on human social evolution since before most people alive today were born. Bald-faced lies of the counter-productive "drug war" against an "herb bearing seed" continues to obviate a truly free market, cripple organic agriculture and threaten systemic collapse, for want of a "Gaia-therapeutic" (Earth-healing), sustainable industrial agricultural resource base. It's not enough to just make clean energy. We have to replenish the atmosphere with terpenes.

"Essential civilian demand" is the most time-efficient US federal protocol for achieving the requisite shift in Cannabis values, from "illegal" to essential, in the limited amount of time we may have left to make a difference.