Positive Impact

Posted by Rocky The Grower on 8th May 2024

Positive Impact

HEMPBEST is a positive impact micro-farm located on the beautiful Oregon Coast. 

Your purchases support our efforts to create and maintain a happy, healthy and livable planet.

  • Our Indoor and Outdoor gardens are cultivated in No-Till, Living Soil (since 1993)
  • We believe in transparency and honesty with our products - learn more about our cultivation techniques
  • We directly engage in regenerative agriculture through our own farm as well as our partner farms
  • Our micro-farm provides habitat for insects, birds, reptiles and wide array of wild animals
  • Indigenous permaculture design allows our farm to absorb and retain water from rainfall thereby greatly reducing our need for irrgation throughout the dry summer and fall months
  • At our micro-farm we cultivate cannabis (hemp), bamboo and a wide variety of polyculture plants which in turn sequester CO2 greenhouse gasses such as CO2
  • We save over 10,000 gal of freshwater annually by using a compost toilet and other
  • We offset all of our company's electric and fossil fuel use via a mature and diverse 25 acre forest that we have owned and managed since 1998 located in the North Idaho Panhandle
  • Most of our products are packaged with bio-compostable and/or recycled or recyclable materials
  • HEMPBEST shipping boxes are made from recycled and PCW content are plastic-free and Made In USA
  • We offer educational farm tours with special community events highlighting hemp and bamboo
  • We attend and support community events in an effort to educate and inspire
  • We partner with businesses, tribal communities and various events to support cannabis advocacy and reduce stigma
  • We believe in people (and good herb) so we hire them to hand-trim our flowers. We never use trim machines
  • A our farm we occasionally host WWOOFers who come to learn about agro-ecological and sustainable farming methods through first-hand experience

At HEMPBEST We are constantly striving to offer more sustainably produced and eco-packaged products. 

Our goal is to grow more plants, sequester more CO2, provide more habitat, heal more people. 

~ Dare To Disrupt The Status Quo ~

(This blog page is a work in progress and will be updated again soon. Please check back for more info and more visuals).