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Effects | Relaxing, Relieving, Soothing, Heady

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This seedless Coast Grown Sour Space Candy is Type 3 CBD Hemp flower from our epic 2022 fall harvest. After slow drying and cold curing this SSC it was stored inside of premium glass jars. We ended up taking a long break from the farm in 2023 to get some rest and other work done that we had been putting off for too long. So now we have the SSC trimmed up and ready for your consumption.
When flower is aged properly it further reduces the chlorophyll content and allows the strain’s true flavors take the spotlight. If you've ever smoked or vaped flower that was "harsh" or "grassy" then chlorophyll was probably the culprit as a result of not being dried, cured and aged well.
While this bud might not be as vivid with color as it might be shortly after harvest what it lacks in color it makes up for in smoothness and taste. This batch does smoke and vape nicely.
We have set a lower than usual price for this flower because it is a little bit older and we do have a decent quantity on hand. Please do not think that this is low quality for that reason. It is actually just a really good deal that we are offering. Budget concious connoisseurs will recognize that fact soon after taking their first puffs of this nicely cultivated herb.
We love Sour Space Candy around here as it is a true pleasure to grow and to smoke. SSC is also perrenial favorite of our customers. Over the years it has always been one of our most popular strains. SSC is now considered an old school type 3 strain. We have been growing it steadily since 2018. SSC was a game-changer in the smokable hemp flower market and this strain has won many cannabis cups around the globe.
The smooth taste and nice effects of this batch make it a good strain to have on hand and at this price it's a no brainer!
"I have been smoking on this batch of our Coast Grown SSC through my water pipe lately and love the effect and taste. It makes me feel mellow and just very content. Not only does my body feel more relaxed but it is also pretty heady with a slight but noticeable buzz that creeps up on you." ~ Rocky The Grower


✔︎ Single-Sourced direct from our own farm
✔︎ Grown in No-Till Living Soil
✔︎ Harvested at peak potency
✔︎ Slow Dried
✔︎ Hand Bucked
✔︎ Hand Trimmed
✔︎ Cured & Aged
✔︎ 3rd Party Lab Tested
✔︎ Sustainably Packaged
✔︎ Shipped Discreetly
✔︎ No Harsh Taste


A limited amount of hand-trimmed dime-sized and larger Smalls are available.

The SSC Trim is a mix of shake, trim and some littles. We have removed most all of the stems and there are no seeds whatsoever.


For your conveniece we offer this strain in all-natural, filtered pre-rolled options. Our blunt wraps are filled with quality flower - no stems or seed or trim. These are slow-burning and smooth smoking. Select product variant above to view each type of pre-roll.


This flower was grown out by us under the sun at our regenerative micro-farm near the Oregon Coast. Our temperate coastal region is unique and so are the flowers we produce as a result. The air here is smoke and dust free. Out here near the Pacific ocean the days never get too hot, afternnons are breezy and the cool nights aid the plants in developing their dense structure and colorful hues.

On our regenerative micro-farm we grow both indoors and out. We grow all of our plants in No-Till Living Soil using indigenous agricultural methods. All of our flower is grown without the use of any toxic pesticide, fungicide or synthetic fertilizers. Our commitment to best practices allows us to produce the highest quality hemp in a sustainable manner while restoring habitat for species, supporting the soil food web and providing bioremediation of atmospheric CO2. 

Our living soil garden beds feature extra touches like made on-site vegetable compost, polyculture plantings and No-Till methods. 


  • Use a clean glass water pipe or a quality herbal vaporizer for the best experience
  • For best results always store your cannabis products airtight in a dark, dry and cool area
  • Whenever possible do not expose cannabis to sunlight, high temperatures or moist environment


◼︎ Total Cannabinoids 19.34%

◼︎ Total Terpenes 1.187%

◼︎ Moisture Analysis 10.02%

◼︎ Total CBD 15.99% (Calculated Decarboxylated Potential) 

Coast Grown "Sour Space Candy" has the highest concentration of these terpenes:

#1 Myrcene | 0.419% A pleasant aroma. Myrcene is found in mangoes, hops, bay laurel leaves, thyme, lemongrass and basil.

#2 Alpha-Pinene | 0.181% is characterized for having a coniferous tree aroma, notably pine. Also found in essential oil of rosemary.

#3 Farnesene | 0.110% A woody, green vegetative aroma with a lavender background.

Sour Space Candy is well endowed with both cannabinoid and terpene potency. 

All of the strains we grow are 3rd party lab tested.


The pre-harvest analysis confirms that this flower complies with the 2018 Farm Bill (<0.3% THC).





















  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Pouch on 2nd Mar 2021

    Pure bliss and ignorance don't coexist around here - Bought 2oz 4 99 bucks! Free shipping! A complementary Pre-roll! PREMIUM QUALITY stuff here guys - Beyond Reputable ! ! ! Thanx so much - they do a superb product done the right way

  • 5
    2020 standout!

    Posted by Elijah on 31st Jan 2021

    Last year it was the Suver for me but I think as far as the 2020 crop goes this is my favorite! It all has great bag appeal/smells great but I think this is the most potent and definitely the most loud. When I screw around and combust in the lotus it really stinks up the whole building. My neighbors love it!!

  • 5
    CS SSC

    Posted by Hemp Adventures on 11th Dec 2020

    You gonna need 2 pairs of socks for this one because the first pair getting knocked off! POTENT

  • 5
    Best SSC I've tried yet!

    Posted by CC23 on 27th Nov 2020

    SSC is my favorite strain of hemp flower. I heard good things about Hempbest so I decided to try out their outdoor SSC. I was blown away. This is the best smelling strain. I'm a sucker for the fruity scents and flavors. This SSC smells like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles which is also my favorite cereal. Effects are exactly what I like about a good SSC. Nice balance of relaxation and uplifting at the same time. 10/10

  • 5

    Posted by Tor on 30th Sep 2020

    Very good high quality only thing is the color is off due to the reasons listed by the company best hemp Flower I’ve had in my 7months journey I can imagine if I had caught it a year ago or some months back lol still very good to ticket