CBDa + CBGa Total Wellness Formula - Sublingual Drops

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Our proprietary Total Wellness formula is now infused with vitamins A, D & K (vegan) and  it features a wide spectrum of major and minor cannabinoid compounds including CBDa + CBGa + CBD + CBG + CBN + CBC as well as <0.3% THC. It also contains naturally occurring and beneficial Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT) and flavonoids to enable the "entourage effect" of this pure and potent whole-plant medicine.

The taste of our un-flavored Total Wellness Oil formulation is best described as "nutty and buttery... with a spicy, medicinal finish." It is pleasing to most palettes and it's all-natural taste exudes goodness.

CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) is one of many compounds produced by cannabis and hemp. Abundant in the live plants of CBD varieties, it converts to the better known cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) over time and when exposed to heat.

Cannabinoids are cannabis compounds that interact with our bodies to produce medical and recreational effects, from pain and stress relief to euphoria. You’ve likely heard of CBD and THC—these are the most widely known cannabinoids, and both originally stem from the precursor “mothership” cannabinoid known as CBGA (cannabigerolic acid).

CBGA converts to three major cannabinoid precursor compounds, depending on which plant enzymes are activated to direct the synthesis:

  • THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)
  • CBCA (cannabichromenic acid)
  • CBDA (cannabidiolic acid).

When decarboxylation occurs by exposing the cannabis plant to heat, CBDa converts to CBD and CBGa into CBG. In other words, CBDa is the raw form or predecessor to CBD and CBGa is the raw form of CBG. 


Our Wellness Formula is unique not only because of the raw form of full spectrum cannabinoids that are contained within it but also because we make this formulation 100% in-house.

We begin by first growing all of the CBD and CBG flower ourselves at our own micro-farm located along the central Oregon Coast. All of our plants are grown in the ground in No-Till gardens that are teeming with life. The plants receive full sun, fresh ocean breezes and clean water. We use no toxic pesticides and no toxic fungicides - ever. 

After we have harvested the plants at their peak potency we then hand buck and hand trim all of the flower. After the flower has been slow-dried we extract the oil using only heat and pressure - never using any solvents such as butane, CO2 or alcohol. The pure and potent extract we end up with is known as "flower rosin."  At this point we take the "raw" flower rosin and instead of decarboxylating it (a process of using heat and time to convert the cannabinod compounds from their raw forms into CBD and CBG) we skip that process and go directly to the formulation stage. During formulation we thoroughly blend and then homogenize the raw flower rosin with certified organic MCT oil and natural flavoring.


  • HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE “Micellized" Vitamin A contains two forms of vitamin A (Palmitate and Beta-carotene) that have been micellized into extremely small droplets that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Each serving (5 drops) supplies 1,507 mcg RAE of vitamin A. This is an important nutrient that plays an essential role in healthy immune function and vision, normal growth and development, and the health of skin and mucous membrane.
  • NATURALLY VEGAN: Did you know that most Vitamin D3 comes from lanolin "aka" sheeps wool?! Our Vegan A-D-K Full Spectrum is UNIQUE because we utilize pureshine™, a sustainably harvested source of cholecalciferol derived entirely from lichen (a vegan source of vitamin D3) - VEGAN, SOY-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, ALCOHOL-FREE & NON-GMO!
  • 5-IN-1-SUPPORT: Utilizing two forms of Micellized Vitamin A (palmitate and betacarotene), VEGAN Vitamin D3 along with two essential forms of K2 (MK-4 + MK-7). Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, while Vitamin K2 helps the body ensure that calcium is properly utilized (i.e., that it is ending up in the bones and not in the heart and blood vessels). Vitamin K2 keeps calcium in bones and teeth and out of soft tissues.*

  • FULL SPECTRUM K - MenaQ7 (MK-7) in the ONLY PURE and BIOACTIVE ‘TRANS’ form. Most supplements contain a blend of TRANS and CIS forms. CIS MK-7 is not nature-identical (a form not found in nature) and is therefore limited in activity and benefit. MK-4 is produced from a product called gerinol, which is from the geranium flower. Our MK-4 product is very high quality and is all trans make up.

  • SUPPORTS: Healthy Immune Function, Vision, Health of Skin and Mucous Membranes, Reproductive Function, Bone Health by Promoting Carboxylation of Bone Proteins, Cardiovascular Health by Affecting Arterial Calcium Deposits and Healthy Blood Clotting*

Vegan A-D-K “Full Spectrum"
This formulation combines two highly bioavailable forms of Vitamin A: Palmitate (active form) and Beta Carotene (precursor form) that have been micellized into extremely small droplets that may promote superior absorption. Vitamin A is an important nutrient for vision, immune system function, bone and cartilage development, and the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissue.* - Vitamin A deficiency can lead to brittle hair and nails, poor bone growth, and weak immunity.

Why you need to take D3 and K2 together 
Many people take Vitamin D and calcium supplements thinking they're helping their bones, the truth is without the addition of Vitamin K2, such a health regimen could prove dangerous. Without Vitamin K2, the body cannot direct calcium to the bones where it's needed; instead, the calcium resides in soft tissue (like the arteries).* Vitamin K deficiency is widespread—even in healthy adults. To get the range of benefits that Vitamin K offers, you must take Vitamin K2 as a supplement, food sources are limited, at best. Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble substance and is needed for normal blood coagulation. Vitamin K2 has been shown to inhibit calcium deposits (i.e., calcification) in blood vessels and even improve arterial flexibility.*

Why you need both MK-4 and MK-7
- MK-4 and MK-7 are distributed differently and activate different proteins in the body, but both are equally essential for good health*
- MK-4 is the key Vitamin K2 found in the brain *
- MK-4 travels across the placenta to the developing fetus. MK-7 does not reach the fetus *
Trans MK-7 is the most absorbable form, as it's found in nature / whole foods and is recognized and absorbed by the body. The CIS form of MK-7 is not nature-identical and has limited activity/absorption.

Safety Information
WARNING: Individuals using blood thinners, children, and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use.

This product is vegan / Plant-Based. The carrier oil and flower rosin used to make our Wellness Formula are 100% derived from plants and are certified organic by the USDA. No animal products are used in any of our products. FRESHNESS IS ALWAYS GUARANTEED.


We ourselves use this this product daily here at HEMPBEST. We usually take 0.5 ml (1/2 dropper-full) to 1.0 ml everyday. For best results take dose at least 10 -15 minutes before eating or drinking. Do not smoke before placing drops under the tongue.


Total Vit A, D3, K2

Vit A = 100 MG per 1 ML

Vit K2 = 45 MG per 1 ML

VIT D3 = 8 MG per 1 ML

Total Cannabinoids

60 ML (54 grams net wt.) contains 2,246.4 MG total cannabinoids

30 ML (27 grams net wt.)= 1,123.20 MG

15 ML =  (13.5 grams net wt.) 561.60 MG

7.5 ML (6.75 grams net wt.) = 280.80 MG

Total CBDa

60 ML contains 414.72 MG total CBDa

30 ML = 207.36 MG

15 ML = 103.68 MG

7.5 ML = 51.84 MG

Total CBGa

60 ML contains 518.94 MG total CBGa

30 ML = 259.47 MG

15 ML = 129.74 MG

7.5 ML = 64.87 MG

Total CBD

60 ML contains 1090.80 MG total CBD

30 ML = 545.40 MG

15 ML = 136.35 MG

7.5 ML = 68.18 MG



  • 5
    CBDa+CBGa Total Wellness

    Posted by Gordon on 10th Apr 2022

    First off, you can't go wrong purchasing any of the products formulated by HempBest farm. Toby and Jyl are very knowledgeable about anything to do with Hemp products. Every ingredient is organic Their products used in farming are totally organic to.. They formulate some of the best products on the market! I use several of the HempBest products daily. I started using the CBDa+CBGa Total Wellness about 4 months ago as another layer of protection against COVID-19. However, I found much relief from muscle and joint pain caused from Rhuematoid arthritis and several spine surgeries. It helps to eliminate much of the pain and discomfort. Don't hesitate to contact Toby or Jyl with any questions regarding Hemp!

  • 5
    Absolutely love

    Posted by Jamie on 9th Apr 2022

    OK, I have had extreme nausea every morning since I was about 8yrs old. It's very disruptive in my daily life, and spurs on other health issues I deal with. I originally purchased this blend to help act as another possible layer to my covid protection, but wow! It's helped me in other brilliant ways like almost completely eliminating my daily nausea problems, and helping with inflammation I experience due to a bone disease. Absolutely love this oil,and look forward to continuing getting to know it! Thanks so much Jyl and Toby!