PureCrop1 - A Cannabis Gardener's Best Friend

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PureCrop1 is the cornerstone of our organic IPM (Integrated Pest Management) regimen. It is an absolutely essential tool that brings our own gardens repeated success with the lowest invest of time, energy and money. Buy PureCrop1 today for your garden - you will not be disappointed!

PureCrop1 Is An Organic Insecticide And Fungicide derived from renewable plant-based materials such as seed crops and causes no change in color or flavor in your crop. With a zero OSHA rating, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not required and PureCrop1 is safe to use at home.

PC1 is effective against the prevention and eradication of pests such as root aphids, fungus gnats, white fly, spider mites, (russet mites etc), thrips and much more. Will not harm beneficial life. Also prevents and cures powdery mildew and botrytis.

No phytotoxicity so you can spray as a foliar under direct sunlight or indoor lighting.


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