Hash Coin 1 Gram, 30.16% Total Cannabinoids

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Hybrid|A blend of multiple strains

Unique Cannabinoids|THCa (d9-TetraHydroCannabinolic Acid), CBDVa (CannaBidaVarinic Acid), CBGa (CannaBiGerolic Acid)

Effects | Uplifting, Relieving, Euphoria, Focus

Total Cannabinoids | 30.16% (301.6 MG / Gram)

These Hash Coins are made with cleaned 150M dry sift (kief) created from a carefully collected blend of single source indoor and outdoor flower grown in No-Till living soil. 

Multiple strains of kief crystals within each Coin makes for a unique cannabinoid profile. Take a look at the Potency Summary listed below. Some of the naturally occuring cannabinoids present in each and every one of these Hash Coins include CBDa, THCa, CBDVa, CBGa, CBN and CBC (CBC is known to be a potentiator of other cannabinoids such as THC).

Hash Coins are hand-pressed into form with a special stainless steel tool to preserve terpenes and minimize air contact that would otherwise degrade the hash. By limiting the amount of surface area exposed to the elements the concentrate stays fresher for longer. No supplemental heat is used to make these Coins.

Pressing the kief into a Coin makes the product easier to handle and is less of a spill risk to the consumer. Break off a small chunk of the Hash Coin to top off your bowl. Hash Coins do have an uplifting almost euphoric effect and are intended for more experienced cannabis customers. 


✔︎ Total Cannabinoids 301.6 MG / Gram
✔︎ THCa 10.1 MG / Gram
✔︎ <0.3% d9 THC
✔︎ Diverse Cannabinoid Profile
✔︎ Hand Pressed
✔︎ Third Party Lab Tested
✔︎ Ez to use


  • 150M Kief Derived From The Following Strains:
Type 3 Strains - Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze, Cherry Chocolate, Orange Glaze, K2 Kush
Type 4 Strains  - The White,  Circles CBG
Type 1 Strains - Leftover Cake, Original Glue 
  • Weight: 1 Gram


Total Cannabinoids 301.6 MG / Gram (30.16%)
D9 THC 2.2 mg (0.22%)
CBD 42.6 MG / Gram
CBDa 221.9 MG 
THCa  10.1 MG 
CBG  2.3 MG
CBGa  15.9 MG
CBDVa  1.7 MG
CBN  2.3 MG
CBC  2.6 MG


Hash Coins are packaged in a recycled, heat sealed clear bag with a 62% Humidipak included inside to maintain freshness. The sealed Hash Coin is then placed inside of small recycled box with closure tab.


HEMPBEST micro-farm is located on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Your purchases support our efforts to create and maintain a happy, healthy and livable planet. Learn more about our efforts here.


We do not ship this product internationally or to the following states:

  • Oregon

This product contains industrial (Lab Tested) hemp (Hemp Flower) that was grown pursuant to state and federal law (Containing not more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis) by licensed farmers in accordance with the industrial Hemp provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (known as the "Farm Act") and its state law counterparts thus it is not subject to regulation, or control, under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.  The FDA has not evaluated this product and these statements for safety or efficacy. As with any new product, consult your physician before consuming this product. Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding. This hemp-derived product may contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. For this reason, use or consumption of this product may result in a failed drug test. The purchaser of this product bears all risk and assumes all liability associated with the use, purchase, and possession of this product.

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  • 5
    Must have...

    Posted by Sandra Guyton on 27th May 2024

    Gives your flower an nice added boost and a little goes a long way. Its fun, relaxing its a nice subtle high and is good for any occasion. For me it’s awesome because it doesn’t give me a over the top head high so I'm able to still function socially. My husband says it help’s boost his appetite and his quality a sleep is much better.

  • 5
    Sorry he didn't try it yet!

    Posted by Linda Hall on 19th May 2024

    Sorry he didn't try it yet!